Every day, legal offenses happen – a parking fine, a driving ticket, or a crossing violation. In most cases, repercussions are small and can easily be solved in a few minutes or within a number of days. However, not all legal situations can be effortlessly won by attending mandatory seminars and complying with sanctions. More serious cases require the assistance and help of a lawyer. 
Should you find your innocent self in the middle of a legal conflict, you might ask yourself: Do I need a lawyer to represent me? 
Most of the time, because of their expertise and acquired wit, the answer is yes. But if you’re looking for more reasons to get convinced, here is a list of advantages and disadvantages of employing a lawyer. 
• They are well-versed with the law. This is the most obvious and the most important reason why you should consider to get a lawyer. It is simply because they were trained for your situation and they know what to do. 
• They have a network of connections. Being seasoned in the industry, attorneys have wide channels of connections that may prove to be useful for your case. These connections may be comprised of experts or witnesses that may further give you help. 
• They are brave enough to represent you. Surely, they didn’t spend extra years in law school to not have the courage to stand up for justice. They were honed to be highly critical and to always challenge evidence, which can be extremely useful for your side. 
• They know how to handle the documents. Courts have proceedings, and these proceedings require documents. Hiring a lawyer saves you from the anxiety of not knowing how to fill up the forms, or how to compose the appeals. 
• It will cost you money. This might be the only disadvantage that you can encounter when you employ a lawyer. Evidently, you’re going to spend money. But for your fight of justice and fairness on your end, would you really hesitate spending for one? 
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