Things might have ended in the best possible way, but parting ways with someone you once loved dearly still stings. You might have to adjust to being alone again – living inside a house with more spacious cabinets, showering inside a bathroom with less hygienic products, and sleeping on a bed which feels somewhat uncomfortably roomy. 
The presence of your ex lingers, but you know that wallowing in the blue sea of negativity won’t get you anywhere. You know that you have to move on. But how? 
• Reconnect with friends. Rekindling your relationship with your friends is a good start towards recovery. The reason for the breakup might have been falling out of love, but right now, a bigger part of you lost a companion. Reconnect and spend time with your colleagues. Take your mind off the situation by keeping yourself busy and participating in conversations. 
• Exercise. Get your physical self healthy by hitting the gym. Run, if you need to. Sweat all the bad feelings out. 
• Confide in your family. If anything, undergoing a breakup can actually make you closer to your family. In a time of heartbreak and vulnerability, you will realize that you are loved, and things will soon get better. 
• Establish communication. If you have kids, try to keep things cordial and civil with your ex. After all, you have to spend time with your children. Create and agree upon a schedule for visitation, or seek the help of a legal counsel to formalise. 
• Stay positive. As much as things feel that they are falling apart, thinking healthy can also heal you swiftly. This is also necessary for the children, whom are sharing the hurtful breakup situation. Assure them that they are loved and that they will be safe, but never lie about the reasons as to why you and your ex split. 
Moving on from a breakup is a transitory process and a personal experience. Allow yourself to feel the wave of emotions, but be reminded to not get lost in it. Better days will come, and your children will also need to know and feel that. 
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