Following the breakdown of the relationship 

Every attempt was made to reconcile, make amends, and repair what was possible to repair in order to see his daughter that he loved dearly. 
Sadly, the mother did not agree and used every part of the law against him, to deny access to his own child. 
The father and founder of Fathers Rights Group, has had extensive personal experience in this area and wishes to help others. 
Having used solicitors for some parts of the process, it was far too expensive to continue using them, so we've been through the process at times - alone, and had to learn 'the hard way'. 

 By grouping with others fathers who have suffered a similar fate 

we seek to join forces together 
To advise and give support to those who are in: 
Pre-relationship breakup 
Breakup process 
Receiving an injuction or non-mol order 
Being arrested unfairly and put into custody 
Having to take part in a ‘domestic abuse course’ 
Receiving death threats 
Losing family home, access to child, finances and many friends along the way 
Dealing with solicitors & barristers 
Involved with family courts 
Have any other kind of unexpected family matter and feeling 'lost' 
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